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Written By: hkelley5 - May• 05•12


When I was a child, we wore flowers to honor our mothers. The tradition was to wear a red flower if your mother was living and wear a white flower if your mother was deceased. I recall going to the rose bush and cutting a small rose, and my mother pinning in on my dress. My Grandma Duncan would bring her flower, which was usually a white orchid, and my mother would help her pin it on her dress. Grandma would bring a small rose bud from her rose bush for my dad to wear on Mother’s Day. I remember watching Grandma and feeling so sorry for her because her mother was deceased.

Fast forward forty years. Now I understand how Grandma felt on Mother’s Day. On October 1, 2010, my mother died. I dreaded Mother’s Day last year. Now, a year and a half have passed since my mother’s death. I have found myself reminiscing about Mother’s Day of the past. What great memories.

I considered buying an orchid this Mother’s Day to honor my mother; however, I will have a difficult time wearing it. I do not see my mother as deceased; instead, I see her as very much alive. By Jesus’ death on the cross and through His resurrection, my mother is very much alive. One day I will see her again. As I have thought about this over the past several weeks leading up to Mother’s Day, I realize the colors we used in the tradition of the past were the colors of salvation I learned as child. Red represents the shed blood of Jesus and white represents His purity, and this is a reminder of how He conquered death through the resurrection. Jesus rose from the grave and is fully alive. As Christians, we, too, will be fully alive in death. Jesus conquered the grave!

Something else I have learned is that we honor our mothers in ways we do not even realize. When I do things on a daily basis that my mother taught me to do like ironing, cooking etc…I am giving her honor because I would not know how to do those things unless she taught me. We honor our mothers in life, and we continue to honor them in death as we continue doing the things of life they taught us.

This year I decided I want to honor my mother in the tradition of the past, but I want to change it. I plan to order red and white roses to wear on Mother’s Day. Although her physical body has deceased, her spirit is fully alive in the presence of Jesus; it is honoring her life of the past and the life she is now living! I could say, “It’s the best of both worlds.”

Whether your mother has passed, or whether she is living, give her honor and you will receive a blessing!

To all the mothers living and deceased,


(BY: Julie Kellett)

Ride For The Rock

Written By: hkelley5 - Sep• 09•11
For more information or to register contact Joy Bryant [email protected]
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All funds raised go to support the 2012 Family Camp Services at Table Rock Wesleyan Camp.

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Myrtle Beach Retreat

Written By: hkelley5 - Jul• 16•10

SC Wesleyan Women’s Ministry Beach Retreat.

Patty Bray will be our speaker at the Hilton Myrtle Beach Resort March 23-25.

Registration forms are now available through the website.

Registration has been extended to Feb. 10, 2012.

We want as many ladies possible to come worship with us !  

Please spread the word !

Click the following links to print out a copy of the registration form:

Full Color Registration Form:

2012 Retreat Registration Cover-Full Color

2012 Retreat Registration Inside-Full Color

Black and White Registration Form:

2012 Retreat Registration Cover B&W

2012 Retreat Registration Inside B&W

Clear your calendars now !

Invite your friends for a relaxed, fun-filled, life-changing, weekend with God and friends from North and South Carolina.

Patty Bray -Pastor Of Adult Ministries

Patty Bray -Teaching Pastor

Patty Bray is a pastor and pastor’s wife from Heritage Wesleyan Church where she and her husband, John, have ministered for thirty-eight years! She is the mother of two adult daughters and the grandmother of her precious little granddaughter, Stella Rose.

She has worked on staff at Heritage in many areas such as Christian Ed, Women’s Ministry, Small Groups Pastor, Connections Pastor, Children’s Pastor and Missions Pastor.

She is currently working in the area of Adult Discipleship, where her greatest passion lies. She says, “If I could do only one thing in ministry, it would be to write Bible studies and teach them. I love to teach the Word and see people “get it” when it comes to learning the Word, loving the Word, and living the Word!”

Patty enjoys communicating God’s Word and God’s truths in down-to-earth, exciting ways. She will challenge you to live a more

Christ-like life and enjoy a deeper relationship with Jesus!


Cost :

4 ladies to a room $150 each

3 ladies to a room $170

2 ladies to a room $205

1 lady to a room $320

Early bird registration: Postmarked and PAID IN FULL by Dec 1, 2011
Registration: Postmarked and PAID IN FULL by Jan 5, 2012

Registration forms will be sent to each church as soon as they are available to be mailed.

Contact the SCWW Ministry leadership team if you have any questions by emailing us at [email protected].


Click link to view video of the hotel for 2012 SC Wesleyan Women’s Ministry Beach Retreat.:

Event Pictures

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If you have pictures you would like to share of any SC Wesleyan Women’s Ministry events, please send them to [email protected]

Click link to see some photos from 2011 Myrtle Beach Retreat.

Click link to see the photos of the Greenville/Easley Oasis 2010.


Written By: hkelley5 - Mar• 11•10


Trafficking is modern-day slavery, which seems to be the fastest-growing criminal enterprise in the world today. Two broad categories of HUMAN TRAFFICKING are labor trafficking and sexual trafficking. Trafficking in persons (TIP) is a process through which an individual loses her/his freedom and independence to be used as someone else’s slave or “property.”

A case of trafficking in persons requires three elements:


WHAT? An ACT (or attempted act) of recruiting, transporting, transferring, harboring, or receiving a person


HOW? By MEANS of force, fraud, abduction, deception, or coercion


WHY? For the PURPOSE of EXPLOITATION, such as  domestic servitude, slave labor or services, prostitution and other forms of sexual exploitation, begging, illicit removal of body parts, and forced combat in armed conflict


What can you do to abolish human trafficking?

Those of you who read this newsletter are a blessed people. You live in the comforts of your own homes.  Become informed about HUMAN TRAFFICKING. Avail yourself to resources about what is being done in the abolition of HUMAN TRAFFICKING. Pray. Ask God what it is that He wishes to do through you to combat this horrible injustice. Allow the things that break the heart of God break your heart. Be willing to give of your means and of your time. Remember, you can offer comfort, healing, and HOPE through Jesus Christ.

Contact Julie Kellett or Margie Massingill for additional information.