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Written By: hkelley5 - Mar• 11•10


Trafficking is modern-day slavery, which seems to be the fastest-growing criminal enterprise in the world today. Two broad categories of HUMAN TRAFFICKING are labor trafficking and sexual trafficking. Trafficking in persons (TIP) is a process through which an individual loses her/his freedom and independence to be used as someone else’s slave or “property.”

A case of trafficking in persons requires three elements:


WHAT? An ACT (or attempted act) of recruiting, transporting, transferring, harboring, or receiving a person


HOW? By MEANS of force, fraud, abduction, deception, or coercion


WHY? For the PURPOSE of EXPLOITATION, such as  domestic servitude, slave labor or services, prostitution and other forms of sexual exploitation, begging, illicit removal of body parts, and forced combat in armed conflict


What can you do to abolish human trafficking?

Those of you who read this newsletter are a blessed people. You live in the comforts of your own homes.  Become informed about HUMAN TRAFFICKING. Avail yourself to resources about what is being done in the abolition of HUMAN TRAFFICKING. Pray. Ask God what it is that He wishes to do through you to combat this horrible injustice. Allow the things that break the heart of God break your heart. Be willing to give of your means and of your time. Remember, you can offer comfort, healing, and HOPE through Jesus Christ.

Contact Julie Kellett or Margie Massingill for additional information.

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