Just One More Guidelines

 The Just One More Fund is a 50/50 matching fund from the South Carolina District of the Wesleyan Church for the purpose of partnering with our local churches. We know there are times a few additional funds toward an outreach event or local church project can assist a congregation in making a Kingdom impact in a church multiplication effort. 

Local churches applying for the Just One More fund need to meet one of the following criteria: 

• Established Churches who have paid full assessment, and who have participated in the 1% “Just One More” contribution. 

• Church Plants less than two years old who are not yet established churches. 

• Developing Churches current in their reporting and cooperation with the Church Revitalization Director 

Even though the district would like to grant every request, in all likelihood that won’t be possible. All applications will be reviewed by the District Staff. They will then recommend to the District Board of Administration all Just One More projects.